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My heroes have always been cowboys.

  When I was a kid my heroes were:  Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, and Gene Autry.  I liked Hoppy best because he didn’t sing and didn’t kiss the girls. My dad got me this autographed picture of Hoppy, and it is on my desk as a reminder of who I wanted to be, and how I became who I am. 

While I wanted to be a cowboy, I also had a secret identity; I was the Superman of Highland Elementary School.  My mom would safety pin a red cloth around my neck and I wore it under my shirt.  Mild mannered second grader Bobby Harper could have gone at any moment to the boy’s room, ripped off his shirt, and been Superman.  I knew that I wasn’t “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings with a single bound”, but I could have saved Karen M from Douglas H’s teasing.  I could have stood up to the playground bullies, saved cats caught in trees, and mowed lawns in a minute.  I had superpowers!

Interestingly, while Superman had a lot of super powers,he also had one apparent weakness besides Kryptonite. If you ever watched George Reeves play superman on TV you saw it happen almost every week.  Bullets would bounce off of Superman as he stood akimbo face to face with the bad guys.  However, when they ran out of ammunition they would invariably throw their guns at him, and he always DUCKED.  Hmmm!

But of all the powers Superman possessed, it was his sense of honor that I most admired.  The same is true of Hoppy, Roy and Gene.  They were honest, courageous, and fair. They all stood up for what they believed in, and they all helped others get what they wanted.

I believe our childhood heroes and heroines have a great impact on who we become.  Our role models are who we think about most as a child, and what we think about most is what we become.  Who were your heroes and heroines when you were a child?  How have they influenced who you have become? 

And, now that you are a grown up, who are you a role model for?  How do you feel knowing someone is looking up to you, and patterning themselves after you? 

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