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Give Yourself an A for 2016

Here is an exercise I do every year.  I have attached the reasons I earned my A in 2016, and I would love to see yours.  At the end of the year, I do a review of my A. My review of 2015 is on my blog at my website:

Exercise: Give Yourself An A

I want you to think about 2016 and what you want to do and achieve. Now, I want you to give yourself an A for the whole year.  The A is based upon your effort and your accomplishments.  Now I ask that you write me a letter telling me why you deserved an A.  I want the letter to start with “Dear Win, I earned my A because…” and then describe in as much detail as possible, how you came to achieve this extraordinary grade. 

Now go to this time next year, and look back, and write about all the insights you acquired, milestones you attained during the year as if these accomplishments were already in the past.  Everything must be written in the past tense. Phrases such as, “I hope,” “I intend,” or “I will” must not appear. If you wish you may mention specific goals you reached, but I am more interested in the person you will have become by January 2017.  I am interested in the attitude, feelings, and worldview of the person who will have done all he wished to do or become everything he wanted to be.  And I want you to fall passionately in love with the person you are describing in the letter.

Remember, it isn’t about reaching your goals…it’s about who you become as you try.  Who do you want to be in 2016?

From:  “The Art of Possibility”, by Ben Zander

I earned my A in 2016

Dear Win, I earned my “A” in 2016 because I continued to learn and grow through my contributions, practice, and study.

I began my year by uncluttering my life.  I took two days to go through my “stuff” and discarded or donated that which I no longer wanted in my life.  I immediately felt lighter and freer.

I took a creative non-fiction writing class at the local community college, and participated in many teleseminars on the National Association of Memoir Writers.

After recovering from my shoulder replacement surgery I started working out on a regular basis, and got my weight down to 170.  In June I ran 2 miles in 22 minutes.  I played a lot of golf during the summer and my handicap was 15.  My golf partner and I won our league championship.

I became a singer.  The exercises I did for my shoulder loosened my neck and freed my voice.  I sang at local Open Mikes and at an Omega Talent Show.  I recorded two songs – a Christmas song and a country and western one – for my friends and family.

My coaching practice grew and I taught at Omega.

This was my last year as President of the Middlesex Heritage Group, and I was able to get a couple of grants for the organization.  We rewrote our constitution and by-laws, and we got our citizen oral history program moving.  I also established a Hometown Heroes Program to recognize local active duty military men and women.

2016 was another great year.  I was open to opportunity and received many blessings along my journey.  I learned more about me, and my place in the universe.  I planted shade trees under which I know I will not sit.

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How I Earned My “A” in 2015

As I grow older I learn more about what is important.  In 2015, I did not achieve all of my goals, and yet I feel better about myself and did more than I would have without this exercise.

I did not work out on a regular basis, and at the same time I got my weight down to 175.  I bought and wear a pair of 36-inch SLIM fit jeans!  My golf game was hampered by an old arthritic shoulder injury.  I didn’t play as much as I had in previous years, but I maintained my 17 handicap.

In October I had shoulder replacement surgery, and my recovery is going well.  I am now exercising twice a day to strengthened and regain my range of motion in my left shoulder.

I sang in quite a few open mikes, and I sang at a Music Festival at the local Veterans Hospital.  I was planning on recording a Christmas song, but because of my surgery I didn’t.

I continued my coaching practice and gained two new clients.  I taught at Omega and was the Hermitage Resident for a week.  I once again connected to the Omega community, and recharged my batteries.

I did not do any public speaking this past year. 

I took a creative writing class at the Finger Lakes Community College and signed up for the National Society of Memoir Writers. I also became a member of Mensa.

My second year as President of the Middlesex Heritage Group was very successful.  We dedicated the refurbished Overackers Corners School painting and it now hangs in the lobby of the Town Hall.  We received a $5100 grant to refurbish another painting.  We are still working on expanding our citizen’s oral history program, but it is going slow.

I chaired a committee to build a Walk of Honor Flag Pole in Vine Valley.  We dedicated the site in July.

I am proud of my A.  I continued to grow by participating in my community and coaching.  I am very satisfied with my contributions and my growth this past year.

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