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Give Yourself an A exercise for 2017

Here is an exercise I do every year. I have attached the reasons I earned my A in 2017, and I would love to see yours. I have also attached a reviewed of my A for 2016.

Exercise: Give Yourself An A. I want you to think about 2017 and what you want to do and achieve. Now, I want you to give yourself an A for the whole year. The A is based upon your effort and your accomplishments. Now I ask that you write me a letter telling me why you deserved an A. I want the letter to start with “Dear Win, I earned my A because…” and then describe in as much detail as possible, how you came to achieve this extraordinary grade.

Now go to this time next year, and look back, and write about all the insights you acquired, milestones you attained during the year as if these accomplishments were already in the past. Everything must be written in the past tense. Phrases such as, “I hope,” “I intend,” or “I will” must not appear. If you wish you may mention specific goals you reached, but I am more interested in the person you will have become by January 2018. I am interested in the attitude, feelings, and worldview of the person who will have done all he wished to do or become everything he wanted to be. And I want you to fall passionately in love with the person you are describing in the letter.

Remember, it isn’t always about reaching your goals…it’s about who you become as you try. Who do you want to be in 2017?
From: “The Art of Possibility”, by Ben Zander

Have fun with this exercise.

Love, Win

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How I Earned My A in 2016

I began 2016 with an un-cluttering of my life.  I purged and reorganized my paperwork, and streamlined my filing system.  This honored my value of simplicity.

I took a Creative Non-Fiction writing course at the Finger Lakes Community College, and wrote some very nice introspection pieces.  I made a choice not to listen to many teleseminars with the National Association of Memoir Writers.  This honored my value of authenticity.

I did not get into the physical shape I wanted to in 2016, and at the same time I am in better shape than I was last year.  I am currently doing 30 pushups a day.  My partner and I did win the second half of our golf league and came in second overall for the season.  This honored my value of fun.

I did make a recording of two songs in March.  The studio recording session was a great learning experience.  I also sang at several open mics and one time sang with a friend from Canada.  We met in the Marine Corps in 1973, and hadn’t seen each other in over 43 years.  This also honored my value of fun.

I taught and coached at Omega on two occasions.  I coached about 5 – 8 people per week throughout the year.  This honored my value of contribution.

I continued to volunteer at the Middlesex Heritage Group.  We got another grant, I digitized our cassette tapes, and we had the best Seneca Heritage Day ever.  I also established and managed the Town’s “Home Town Hero Banner” project and was a member of the Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.  This honored my value of contribution.

I use this quote often:  “Every situation provides you the opportunity to demonstrate who you WANT to be.”  I earned my A by becoming more aware of who I am, and feeling free to be me.  This year’s studying, writing, teaching, volunteering, and coaching provided me interactions with a variety of others and through that I learned more about myself. 

While I did not achieve all that I set out to do, I am pleased with what I did and who I am becoming.

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Give Yourself an A for 2017

Dear Win, I earned my A in 2017 because I lived my life purpose and honored my values of Authenticity, Fun, Contribution, Simplicity, and Freedom.

Life Purpose:  I am the round table at which the community gathers to nourish itself.  I participated in life, and was open to being with and helping others.

Authenticity:  I started by taking a poetry class at the Finger Lakes Community College.  I learned how to choose and use words better, and therefore became a more effective communicator.  Through the introspection, study, and writing I learned more about myself. 

Fun:  I also deepened my understanding of myself through my voice.  I continued to take singing lessons.  I practiced daily and sang at open mics.  By summer I had found my voice, and my music.  I opened up and sang from my heart. 

Fun:  Elizabeth and I joined the “Anytime Fitness” and worked out on a regular basis.  I also worked on my golf game, and my partner and I once again won our league championship. 

Contribution:  I was re-elected president of the Middlesex Heritage Group and got more grants.  We had several events at the Schoolhouse, including two outdoor concerts.  I worked with a committee to get the Town Hall upstairs remodeled.  I also became a board member for the Friendship House in Middlesex.  And, I was a member of the Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

Contribution:  I volunteered at the Ontario-Yates County Literacy Program and the Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Simplicity:  I went through my photos, paperwork, clothes, and computer and eliminated and organized my life.

Freedom:  I smile when I look back and see all that I accomplished, and who I became, as I allowed myself to be in my fullness.

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