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I Gave Myself An A For 2018

Dear Win,

In 2018, I started writing my memoirs.  I used old pictures and memorabilia to write an article a week, and in 2019 I will put them together for my book.

I got a subscription to and renewed my genealogy work

My golf partner, Rich Warren, and I once again won our league championship.  I am especially proud of this achievement because no team had ever won back-to-back championships before!  I also continued to maintain my physical fitness by going to Anytime Fitness 2 times a week all year long.  I kept my weight at 175, and I had energy and felt strong.

I continued my singing and hosted a concert in my home in the summer.  I also recorded an album in October.  My singing gave me a creative outlet, and built my confidence.

In January, I visited with some Marine Officers I had gone through Artillery Training with in 1967.  I had not seen them in over 50 years!  The experience was healing for me.  I have always had mixed feelings about my Vietnam Experience, and renewing my friendships with those who were there with me, and listening to their stories helped me to realize that I am not alone.

In May, I made a presentation about Vietnam to the Small Museum Historical Group.  This was another healing experience for me.  In describing to those who had never served in the military and to those military veterans who did not serve in Vietnam what it meant to those of us who did serve was therapeutic.  The preparation for the class gave me the opportunity to reflect upon my own experience in Vietnam and what it meant to me.

I was not President of the Middlesex Heritage Group, but I was an active Board Member and volunteer.  I got another Grant from the Greater Hudson Heritage Network to refurbish “The Old Brick” schoolhouse painting, I got a Historical Marker for the Robeson Store from the Pomeroy Foundation, I set up a committee for the Middlesex Rails to Trails Project, and was on the committees for the Memorial Day Parade and the Citizens Appreciation Day.

I was the Grand Marshall and Keynote Speaker at the New Castle, PA Veterans Day Parade.

Elizabeth and I visited friends and family in California, England, New Jersey, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Montana.  She started playing golf in 2018, and we had a great time together on courses in the area. 

In 2018, I became more comfortable with my talents and abilities, and shared them with friends, family, and community.

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How I Earned My A In 2017

2017 was another good year for me. I set my intentions for 2017 by giving myself an A for the year in December 2016, and here is how I really earned it.

Jan-April I took a poetry writing class at the Finger Lakes Community College.  Writing is a meditation for me, and I love the introspection and exploration of a structured class.  I allowed myself to be vulnerable and authentic.

Speaking of vulnerability, I sang a lot during 2017.  In June, I held a concert at our house for 20 friends and sang 9 songs.  I also sang at an outdoor concert in Vine Valley and at a plaque dedication in Middlesex.  I felt my vulnerability most at the last event.  I did not sing well that day, and my confidence was shaken.  At that low point, I thought about quitting singing.  I knew, however, that singing brought me joy, and I remembered this quote: “Do we sing because we are happy, or are we happy because we sing?”  I chose to continue taking lessons and performing.

My golf partner, Rich Warren, and I won the Wednesday Night Men’s’ League Championship at the Bristol Harbour Golf Course.  It was our second Championship in 5 years.

In September, I was the keynote speaker at the Canandaigua Elementary School’s “Take A Veteran To School Day,” and there was an article in the local paper about the event.  The headline was, “Vietnam Vet Shows Off His Superman Socks to Canandaigua Kids.”

Elizabeth and I went to Anytime Fitness on a regular basis except for the summer.  I ended the year weighing under 180, and feeling physical strong and energized.

This was my last year as President of the Middlesex Heritage Group and it was a great success.  We increased our FaceBook likes to over 500, obtained a Historical Marker for our Train Station from the Pomeroy Foundation, we hosted several events at our Schoolhouse, and our Seneca Heritage Day was a big success.  I wrote an article about the Train Plaque Dedication, and it appeared in the local newspaper.

For my work with the Middlesex Heritage Group, I received the Greater Hudson Heritage Network’s individual achievement award for Leadership and Community Engagement.  I was deeply honored by this recognition.

2017 had its ups and downs.  I didn’t accomplish all that I set out to do, and I didn’t always do as well as I wanted to do.  All year, however, I challenged myself and tried my best, and that felt good.  I learned that that is good enough.

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