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Give Yourself an A for 2017

Dear Win, I earned my A in 2017 because I lived my life purpose and honored my values of Authenticity, Fun, Contribution, Simplicity, and Freedom.

Life Purpose:  I am the round table at which the community gathers to nourish itself.  I participated in life, and was open to being with and helping others.

Authenticity:  I started by taking a poetry class at the Finger Lakes Community College.  I learned how to choose and use words better, and therefore became a more effective communicator.  Through the introspection, study, and writing I learned more about myself. 

Fun:  I also deepened my understanding of myself through my voice.  I continued to take singing lessons.  I practiced daily and sang at open mics.  By summer I had found my voice, and my music.  I opened up and sang from my heart. 

Fun:  Elizabeth and I joined the “Anytime Fitness” and worked out on a regular basis.  I also worked on my golf game, and my partner and I once again won our league championship. 

Contribution:  I was re-elected president of the Middlesex Heritage Group and got more grants.  We had several events at the Schoolhouse, including two outdoor concerts.  I worked with a committee to get the Town Hall upstairs remodeled.  I also became a board member for the Friendship House in Middlesex.  And, I was a member of the Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

Contribution:  I volunteered at the Ontario-Yates County Literacy Program and the Veterans Administration Medical Center.

Simplicity:  I went through my photos, paperwork, clothes, and computer and eliminated and organized my life.

Freedom:  I smile when I look back and see all that I accomplished, and who I became, as I allowed myself to be in my fullness.

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