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Give Yourself an A in 2014

Here is an exercise I do every year.  I have attached the reasons I earned my A in 2014.  Feel fee to email me yours.  At the end of the year, I do a review of how I got my A.  My review of 2013 is in my last blog.

Exercise: Give Yourself an A. 

I want you to think about 2014 and what you want to do and achieve. I want you to give yourself an A for the whole year.  The A is based upon your effort and your accomplishments.  Now I ask that you write me a letter telling me why you deserved an A.  I want the letter to start with “Dear Win, I got my A because…” and then describe in as much detail as possible, how you came to achieve this extraordinary grade.  

Now close your eyes and go to this time next year, and look back, and write about all the insights you acquired, milestones you attained during the year as if these accomplishments were already in the past.  Everything must be written in the past tense. Phrases such as, “I hope,” “I intend,” or “I will” must not appear. If you wish you may mention specific goals you reached, but I am more interested in the person you will have become by January 2015.  I am interested in the attitude, feelings, and worldview of the person who will have done all he wished to do or become everything he wanted to be.  And I want you to fall passionately in love with the person you are describing in the letter. Remember, it isn’t about reaching your goals…it’s about who you become as you try.  Who do you want to be in 2014?

From: “The Art of Possibility”, by Ben Zander

Dear Win I earned my A in 2014 because I found my voice through my participation in and contribution to my communities, and my dedication to my singing.

I worked with Veterans at the Veterans Club at the local community college, at the VA Medical Center in Canandaigua, and at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.  I spoke at the Rushville Memorial Day event and at the Finger Lake Community College’s Veterans Day Celebration.

I served on the Middlesex Zoning Appeals Board and was President of the Middlesex Heritage Group (MHG).  During the year the MHG erected three signs on local Historic Buildings, developed a 5-year plan for the implementation of suggestions from the two Conservation Assessment Program reports we received in 2013, and planted a time capsule to be opened in 2074 for the Bicentennial Celebration of the Overackers Corners School.  My Literacy Program Learner was assessed at three grades above where she started the year.

My coaching practice grew, and I taught at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, and other venues.

In January I began my yearlong celebration of my 70th birthday. I got my weight down to 180 pounds by March.  I did this by walking and watching what I ate.  In April I started stretching and doing exercises for the golf season, and once again my golf team won our league championship.  I also won another trophy at the EAGA golf tournament. I went to a 3-day silent retreat, hiked for a week on the Erie Canal Trail, and continued my singing lessons.  I practiced my scales daily and I was comfortable singing in public.

Elizabeth and I celebrated our 15th year together.  We met at Omega in 1999 and were married in 2002.

In 2014 I continued to contribute, learn and, grow, I lived a healthier life, and I became a better leader and a more compassionate person.  I enjoyed being me.

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