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How I earned my A in 2012

For the last several years, I have been doing the “Give Yourself An A” exercise from the book, “The Art of Possibility.”  As this year ends, I looked back at what I did to earn my A.  I am proud of what I accomplished this past year.  The exercise allowed me to think about what was important to me, and what I wanted to do in 2012.  I also took time to think about who I want to be.  Next week I will post the exercise and why I got an A in 2013.

I got my A…

because I finally became the person I was born to be.  I let go of many limiting beliefs I had held on to since childhood.  I let go of the last vestiges of my “learned helplessness.”  I let go of my fears, aligned my behaviors with my values, and became more powerful. I gave myself permission to be wrong and to fail, and I took the time to learn from those experiences. I allowed myself to be dynamic, forceful, kind, and helpful.

I maintained good health through my eating habits and regular exercise. I reduced my consumption of meats, and I was very careful about what I put into my body.

I had a daily regimen of meditation and stretching exercises.  I also went to Yoga at least once a week.

During 2012 I kept my weight around 183, and have watched my diet.  The past two months I have been exercising more.  I have challenged myself to be able to run 1 ½ miles in 12 ½ minutes, do 60 crunches in 2 minutes, and complete 3 pull-ups by the time I am 69!  I am now able to run 1 mile in 12:45 minutes.

In the summer I played golf three times a week.  I consistently shot in the middle 80s and got my handicap down to 14.


During 2012 I played golf at least twice a week in the past summer, and while I did not lower my handicap I did hit the ball better and enjoyed playing more.

I let go of my 3rd grade teachers comment about my singing, and my fears of looking foolish. I gave myself permission to sing and dance.

During 2012 I started singing lessons with Maria Gillard, and practiced almost daily.  Next year I am going to sing in public!!!!

Elizabeth and I took dance classes at the local community college.

I started water coloring, and made my own Christmas, thank you, and patriotic cards.  I allowed creativity to flow through my body. 


During 2012, I took water coloring classes here in Canandaigua, and I took two classes at The Lodge at Woodloch with John Leone.  This is my most recent painting.  I have used them on thank you notes and gift cards.

I gave more public speeches, and took on more leadership roles in my community.


During 2012 I gave speeches at the Phelps NY Memorial Day Parade, the local Marine Corps Recruiter’s Family Day, and at the annual Marine Corps Birthday Dinner.

I continued to volunteer with the Middlesex Heritage Group.  There I submitted a grant proposal for the Conservation Assessment Program, and started compiling a list of local Military Veterans and their gravesites.

I am now a volunteer at the Ontario and Yates County Literacy Program.  And, I have made several attempts to do volunteer work with the Vets Club at the Finger Lakes Community College.

In 2012, I owned what I did. I took responsibility for who I am, and what I do.  In that process, I became more authentic, and all of my relationships flourished.  I was healthier and happier than I have ever been.  I worked hard this year, and I am proud to have earned my A.

During 2012 I also took time to look back over my life and discover the lessons learned.  I was especially interested in the ones that I had not yet acknowledged. 

Through my teaching and coaching, I contributed to the well being of many individuals, and I learned more about myself and what is important now! 

Today I am a kinder, more loving, and understanding person.  Focusing on my creativity this year freed me from some of my limiting beliefs, and inspired me to be even more creative and open.


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