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How I earned my A in 2014

I did well in 2014.  While, I didn’t reach all of my goals I became a better person as I strove to reach them, and I did find my voice.

I continued to take voice lessons and practiced my scales daily. I sang at 4 open mics.  Here is one:

I spoke at the Rushville NY Memorial Day Parade and the Finger Lakes Community College Veterans Day Ceremony.  Here is a video of my Veterans Day speech:  My speech starts at the 18-minute mark and lasts about 12 minutes.

As President of the Middlesex Heritage Group, I got a $4500 grant to conserve a painting of the Overackers Corners School; we had two Historic Plaque dedications, and got over 100 new “likes our on Facebook page. We did more maintenance on the School House, and we added new members to our board and volunteers. We did not, however, develop a 5-year plan nor did we plant a time capsule.

I didn’t walk on the Erie Canal or get my weight down to 180.  At the same time, I am physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier than I have been in years.

MeMe, our cat, died in July.  Her loss was unexpected and very sad, and at the same time a reminder of what is important in life – love, relationships, contribution, and connection!  She was a great teacher.  We buried her on our property and that area is now our meditation garden. 

Elizabeth and I spent time in Mexico, Colorado, and San Diego this year.  She also helped me with my yearlong celebration of my 70th year by giving me a gift each month.

I practiced my voice scales almost everyday, and took lessons twice a month. The discipline helped me to play better golf.  While I did not win any trophies this year, I shot three of my best rounds ever!!!!!

Regrettably, my Literacy Program Learner dropped out.

Finally, and most importantly, I reconnected with my daughter, Traci.  I enjoyed her company and learned more about who she is and who I am.

At the end of the year, I feel like I did earn my A.  I am a kinder, gentler, happier person whose voice is strong and clear.

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