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How I Earned My A in 2016

I began 2016 with an un-cluttering of my life.  I purged and reorganized my paperwork, and streamlined my filing system.  This honored my value of simplicity.

I took a Creative Non-Fiction writing course at the Finger Lakes Community College, and wrote some very nice introspection pieces.  I made a choice not to listen to many teleseminars with the National Association of Memoir Writers.  This honored my value of authenticity.

I did not get into the physical shape I wanted to in 2016, and at the same time I am in better shape than I was last year.  I am currently doing 30 pushups a day.  My partner and I did win the second half of our golf league and came in second overall for the season.  This honored my value of fun.

I did make a recording of two songs in March.  The studio recording session was a great learning experience.  I also sang at several open mics and one time sang with a friend from Canada.  We met in the Marine Corps in 1973, and hadn’t seen each other in over 43 years.  This also honored my value of fun.

I taught and coached at Omega on two occasions.  I coached about 5 – 8 people per week throughout the year.  This honored my value of contribution.

I continued to volunteer at the Middlesex Heritage Group.  We got another grant, I digitized our cassette tapes, and we had the best Seneca Heritage Day ever.  I also established and managed the Town’s “Home Town Hero Banner” project and was a member of the Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.  This honored my value of contribution.

I use this quote often:  “Every situation provides you the opportunity to demonstrate who you WANT to be.”  I earned my A by becoming more aware of who I am, and feeling free to be me.  This year’s studying, writing, teaching, volunteering, and coaching provided me interactions with a variety of others and through that I learned more about myself. 

While I did not achieve all that I set out to do, I am pleased with what I did and who I am becoming.

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