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How I earned my A in 2013

I got my A in 2013 because I focused on my physical, mental, and spiritual development.

In April, I ran a 1 ½ miles in 12 ½ minutes, did 60 crunches in two minutes, and completed 3 pull ups.

In March I ran one mile in 12 minutes, shortly thereafter I pulled a muscle in my leg.  However, I have been working out on my treadmill, and doing yoga.  I am in better shape than I was at this time last year.  I may need to realize that I am not 18 anymore.

I also continued to improve my golf game, and I was able to play in the mid-80s.  My teams were league champions, and I won a trophy in the Associate Division of the Annual EAGA tournament.

My golf partner, Rich, and I won the Bristol Harbour Wednesday Night Men’s League Championship.  I kept my focus on that goal all summer, and my golf improved during the season.  I also earned a third place trophy in the annual EAGA tournament.  I learned once more about setting goals and working hard.

I took classes in water coloring and memoir writing.  In addition, I continued my singing lessons, and sang in public for the first time in my life.

I did not take the classes in water coloring and memoir writing.  I am not allowing myself that luxury right now.  I continued my singing lessons and sang at the annual Christmas gathering of our friends.  Singing is my creative release, and I am learning and relearning important life lessons in the process.  My teacher kept reminding to relax, to let go, and to be myself.  Those are lessons that I have learned, forgotten, and learned many times.  I want to remember that they are transferrable lessons from one area of my life to all the others.

I taught my class on Fulfillment at Omega, and several other venues.  In addition, I taught with Elizabeth at several locations. I continued my private coaching practice.

I taught at Omega, at a charity event in Portland, ME, and in Bermuda.  My coaching practice grew during the year. For my birthday Elizabeth got me a Super Win cape that I wore during my presentation in Maine: A bold step for me.

I volunteered at the Middlesex Heritage Group, the Veterans Administration Medical Center, and the Ontario/Yates County Literacy Program.  I finally got connected with the Veterans’ Club at the Finger Lakes Community College, and worked with young men and women who had recently been discharged from the military.

I have been nominated to be the President of the Middlesex Heritage Group Board for 2014.  I continue to volunteer at the VAMC and the Literacy Program.  I am now attending weekly Veteran’s Club meetings at the FLCC and have volunteered to be a speaker at the schools Veterans Day event next year.  I also contacted Omega about participating in their Veterans Week Program.

I was the guest speaker at several events including a local Memorial Day Parade.

I spoke at the Clifton Springs Memorial Day this year.

I reflected upon my life, looked for lessons learned, and discovered who I am.  I started my memoirs.  This process allowed me to heal some family and personal relationships. 

The reflection on my life is an on-going process.  Each year I learn a little bit more about myself, and the impact I have on others.  As I get to know who I am, I am more willing to accept leadership positions in my community.

In 2013, I became more confident and creative. I learned to take a breath and choose my responses.  I expanded and celebrated the impact I have as a leader, change agent and contributor to other’s lives. I was at peace with who I am and what I have accomplished; I was glad to be me.

2013 was a very good year for me.  Being me became easier.  The singing opened my creative and expressive self.  While challenged by the fear of being seen, the support of my teacher and friends helped me work through it.  My successes on the golf course, and my continued physical training have made me more confident, and alive.  I have impacted others in a positive way, and I had fun in the process.  I also learned to set more realistic goals for myself – 1 ½ miles in 12 minutes pushed me to my limit.  Hmm, maybe I will set that as a goal for 2014. Oh, I am glad to be me.

I earned my A.

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