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Davy Crockett & “Hoss” Cartwright.  I loved the sense of adventure they both embodied.  And it also reminds me of a great family life as my whole family looked forward to and enjoyed Sunday night TV.  Even met “Hoss” at the Boy Scout Jamboree.

Thanks for bringing back those memories Win.

Posted by Don Hamlin, , on 11/09/10 at 07:52 PM

I really admired Lois Lane-the woman behind the Superman-LOL! 
I think my heroes changed from time to time as I matured to another phase of my life.  I loved the Doris Day tablet I could buy with her picture at Dean’s market for a dime-(the all American girl image).

Posted by Judi Naugle, , on 10/27/10 at 10:42 PM

Annie Oakley and Clara Barton- that’s me- “Get well or I’ll shoot ya”. Not sure about how other’s perceive me, but will reflect on that today. Thanks for your insights, Win.

Posted by Sandy Grove, , on 10/27/10 at 08:02 AM

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