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Reclaim Your Personal Power

Personal Power allows you to make life-enhancing choices and do what you truly want to do. Personal Power comes from honoring your values and living your life in balance. Are you stuck, are you having difficulties with relationships, or do you feel that there is something missing in your life? Well, I can assist you in making sense of your situation, help you clarify what you want, and provide you support as you achieve your goals.

In the process you will

  1. Identify Your Core Value
  2. Create Balance in Your Life
  3. Learn how to bring your choices and behaviors into alignment with your values
  4. Discover your Life Purpose, and


Do you have

• I should’s
• I have to’s
• I can’t ‘s
• I need to’s in your life

Do you feel

• Stuck
• Anxious
• Dissatisfied with relationships
• Overwhelmed in your life

Do you want to

• Align your values and your behaviors
• Balance your life
• Create Life-enhancing choices

What Do You WANT?

Give Yourself an A exercise for 2017

Here is an exercise I do every year. I have attached the reasons I earned my A in 2017, and I would love to see yours. I have also attached a reviewed of my A for… read more...
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How I Earned My A in 2016

I began 2016 with an un-cluttering of my life.  I purged and reorganized my paperwork, and streamlined my filing system.  This honored my value of simplicity.

I took a Creative Non-Fiction writing course at…
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Give Yourself an A for 2017

Dear Win, I earned my A in 2017 because I lived my life purpose and honored my values of Authenticity, Fun, Contribution, Simplicity, and Freedom.

Life Purpose:  I am the round table at which… read more...
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