Win Harper | Life and Leadership Coach

A Fulfilled Life

Several years ago, I read an article about a survey taken of senior citizens.  They were asked to look back over their lives and think about what they wished they had done or known earlier in life.  The consensus was that they would taken more time for reflection, they would have known better what fulfilled them, and they would have taken more risks.

Do you allow yourself time to reflect on your life? Do you know what fulfillment means to you? Do you take risks?




The three questions are a closed loop.  If you reflect on your life you come to understand what fulfillment means to you.  If you are living a life of fulfillment you are better able to take risks.  If you reflect on the results of the risks you are taking, you learn more about what fulfillment means to you. And, if you are living a more fulfilled life you are better able to take risks.  If you reflect….  Well, I think you understand what comes next.

As a coach I can help YOU reflect on YOUR life and deepen the learning about yourself.  I can help YOU learn what fulfillment means to YOU.  In co-active coaching fulfillment is living your life purpose and honoring your values. I can help you discover your life purpose and to clarify your values. I can also help YOU become comfortable with taking risks.

Coaching is all about YOU.  About YOU showing up for coaching sessions, and about YOU showing up for YOU. Contact Win


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