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InSight and InTuition: Living a Purposeful Life

A Workshop With Elizabeth and Win Harper

A purposeful life is effortless and filled with possibility yet many of us live our lives by accident unknowingly stumbling from one event to another. Living a purposeful life gives you permission to take back your power and direct your energy toward personal fulfillment. Reaching within, opening your heart and mind embraces two realities of truth: physical and spiritual. Purposeful living encompasses each in perfect balance.

Combining intuitive insight with rational perception this unique workshop guides us to unlock the physical and spiritual truths of our individual life purpose. Through a blend of coaching and psychic development exercises we learn to expand our awareness, connect with inner guidance, communicate with the wisdom of our guides, clarify our values and develop a life purpose statement.

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed intuitive, teacher, and healer. Originally from England she has appeared on Radio and Television and is the author of “Wishing,” published in May 2008.

Win Harper, a retired US Marine and The Omega Institute’s Life Coach, holds a BA in Economics and MS in Systems Management. He lives a purposeful life through such pursuits as walking the Appalachian Trail, and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

Introduction to Coaching

Do you know what you want? Are you able to ask for what you want? Can you say “no” when you want to say no? Is your life in balance?

During this introduction to coaching class you will learn that you can increase satisfaction and productivity in your life by taking action to align choices and behavior with what you truly value in life. This will move you toward a more balanced life.

I offer this 2-hour workshop for individuals, groups, and companies. For more information or scheduling contact me.

Co-Active Coaching Techniques for Leaders

Numerous studies provide evidence that coaching in the workplace is an effective strategy for boosting productivity, morale, job satisfaction, and profitability.

The additional benefits of coaching are:

  • Staff Development
  • Improved Learning
  • More Time for the Manager
  • Additional Creative Ideas
  • Improved Relationships
  • A Life Skill

The fundamental premise that underlies Co-Active coaching is that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. This positive self-fulfilling prophecy creates a climate of trust between the leader (coach) and the learner (employee). This coaching approach to leadership provides the employees with a sense of being valued, the opportunity to excel at work that is meaningful and in alignment with organizational purpose, and the knowledge that
their development is important.

During this workshop you will learn the coaching skills of intuition, listening, curiosity, and self-management through lecture, discussion, and exercises. You will observe how the nondirective approach places greater emphasis on the learning process with the leader acting as a catalyst for new awareness when developing employees. You will discover how to be a better leader both personally and professionally.

I offer this 4-hour workshop for individuals, groups, and companies. For more information or scheduling contact me.

Living A Fulfilled Life

FULFILLMENT is a thorough understanding of what is personally fulfilling to you. When you are coming from this place, life is effortless and filled with possibility.

FULFILLMENT is the on-going process of becoming who we really are in order to satisfy ourselves. It is a combination of living one’s Values and Life Purpose.

Have you ever met a person who said that their family was very important (valuable) to them, but you knew that they spent little time with them? What is the internal price these individuals pay by not being congruent? In order to live a peaceful life and avoid this inner conflict, you need to be clear about your core Values and to honor them.

Have you ever watched a Swan? On land it is awkward and clumsy. In the water, however, it is graceful and elegant. In the water the swan is in its element. What is your element? What is your life purpose?

In addition to clarifying your values and discovering your life purpose will also visit your future-self through a guided meditation. Your future-self is you, 20 years from now. You, who can look back with detached compassion at your life, and the decisions you have made. Your future-self acts as your guide to help you live a fulfilled life.

With the information you gain from this workshop you will be able to make decisions based upon your values and not your circumstances. Your life purpose statement will remind you of who you are and the impact you naturally create in the world. Your Future Self will be your guide on this journey.

I offer this 4-hour workshop for individuals, groups, and companies. For more information or scheduling contact me.

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